Farmington C.U.S.D. #265
Location: Farmington, Illinois
Project Cost: $25.8 million
Capacity: 1,300 Students

It comes as no surprise that Farmington is a farming community - even the name itself is a giveaway. So the school's motto is quite appropriate: "Encourage Potential: Harvest Excellence."

The construction of its PreK-12 facility has allowed Farmington CUSD #265 to do exactly that.

When the Farmington district passed a referendum to fund the construction of a brand new 250,000 square foot PreK-12 facility, they chose to partner with Bill Phillips and Phillips and Associates Architects, which was acquired by G&H in 2022. Bill and his team are proud to have been part of the effort that turned a controversial plan into a community success.

This impressive facility, completed in 2004, brought a far-flung district together in one efficient location. The single-story building was divided into three distinct wings to house the elementary, junior high and senior high school.

Keeping in mind that there would be three schools with vastly different needs and age ranges within one building, Bill's team set to work to achieve a sense of district unity while also fulfilling the unique purposes of each space. With separate entrances, PE facilities, libraries, cafeterias and exterior play areas, the design ensured minimal distraction among each school.

Through this project, Graham & Hyde helped to encourage Farmington's potential so the district can "harvest excellence" from its students for decades to come.