• Carrollton Bank

    Carrollton Bank

    This new banking facility is located on a high-volume main avenue on the southwest side Springfield.
  • United Methodist Center

    United Methodist Center

    The 10 acre United Methodist Center project was designed to house the episcopal, administrative, and conferencing activities of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist Church.
  • Hoogland Center for the Arts

    Hoogland Center for the Arts

    The Hoogland Center for the Arts building in downtown Springfield involved the total renovation of an existing 80,000 sf Masonic Temple building originally constructed in 1908 which contained three theater venues and a club room ideally suited for an arts and performing organization.
  • Sudbrink Water Park

    Sudbrink Water Park

    Beardstown has found relief from the Central Illinois summer heat with the community’s exciting new water park, designed by Graham & Hyde.
  • Jacksonville Center for the Arts

    Jacksonville Center for the Arts

    Imagine a place where students and teachers, artists and business leaders, residents and visitors all gather to experience the pleasure of Jacksonville, Illinois.