• West Prairie CUSD #103

    West Prairie CUSD #103

    Learning is a lifestyle. And the community of West Prairie School District believes that rural education promotes unique learning experiences that support both community and heritage.
  • Springfield 186

    Springfield 186

    School districts throughout the country continuously struggle with developments and evolution within educational environments.
  • Southeast High School Auditorium

    Southeast High School Auditorium

    To say that the auditorium at Southeast High School was outdated is quite the understatement.
  • Canton CUSD

    Canton CUSD

    Canton High School has always been ahead of its time - and thanks to its long-term partnership with Graham & Hyde's Canton Studio, that continues today.
  • Farmington K-12

    Farmington K-12

    It comes as no surprise that Farmington is a farming community - even the name itself is a giveaway. So the school's motto is quite appropriate: "Encourage Potential: Harvest Excellence."
  • South Jacksonville Elementary

    South Jacksonville Elementary

    The South Elementary School renovation and additions brought the 70 year old building up to serve modern educational needs. The two additions include a new secure entrance, office area, and additional classrooms.
  • Lutheran High School

    Lutheran High School

    With updated facilities to meet the school’s needs for new technology, innovative classes and enriching extracurriculars, Lutheran High School continues to build a Christ-centered family equipping students spiritually, intellectually, and physically to serve God and society.
  • Our Saviour School

    Our Saviour School

    The ultimate goal of Our Saviour School is developing the whole child and encouraging them to lead and serve. The Jacksonville, Ill.-based school teaches Roman Catholic values in a faith-centered environment that promotes spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth for its students.
  • North Mac High School

    North Mac High School

    Newly renovated spaces and future plans better position North Mac to carry out its educational mission of promoting self-directed learners, collaborative workers, complex thinkers, and community contributors for decades to come.
  • North Mac Athletic Facilities

    North Mac Athletic Facilities

    Friday night lights have taken on a new meaning for the North Mac Panthers. It’s an immersive, competitive sports experience for players and fans alike — and it’s not just football that has benefited from North Mac’s renovations. Today, North Mac’s baseball facilities are second to none in the local area with turf fields. All North Mac student-athletes also benefit from a state-of-the-art training room.
  • Mt. Pulaski C.U.D. #23

    Mt. Pulaski C.U.D. #23

    November 5, 2018, the Community of Mt. Pulaski passed a building referendum to replace their existing High School. As the district’s architect, Graham and Hyde worked with the school board, superintendent and staff to design an addition to meet the school’s current and future needs.
  • Ball-Chatham C.U.S.D.

    Ball-Chatham C.U.S.D.

    Graham and Hyde Architects has been actively working with Ball-Chatham C.U.S.D. #5 since 2003. We have successfully completed more than fifty projects, including a recent $35M, three phase program.
  • Ben-Gil Elementary School

    Ben-Gil Elementary School

    Mine subsidence threatened the 7-year old elementary school in Benld, Illinois – removing the very earth beneath it. The order to G&H was a tall one: rebuild our school, make it safe, and have it meet Gold LEED standards.
  • Vachel Lindsay Elementary School

    Vachel Lindsay Elementary School

    Constructed in 1997, Vachel Lindsay Elementary School is a brick clad, sloped roof, single-story K-5 facility designed to meet the demands of an expanding urban neighborhood.
  • Ridgely Elementary School

    Ridgely Elementary School

    Ridgely Elementary School was a 1900 vintage 3-story classroom building with a 2-story gymnasium and cafeteria wing on an urban site.
  • Benedictine University

    Benedictine University

    In 2010, Graham & Hyde was engaged to help plan and implement campus improvement projects. Site improvement throughout the campus, HVAC renovations and athletic facility improvements are currently under consideration.
  • Springfield Ball Charter School

    Springfield Ball Charter School

    Springfield Ball Charter School is a Pre-K through 8th grade charter school operated by the Ball Foundation