Beardstown Park District
Location: Beardstown, Illinois
Director: Steve Megginson / Jason Brockschmidt

Beardstown has found relief from the Central Illinois summer heat with the community’s exciting new water park, designed by Graham & Hyde.

Open in Beardstown’s Roy Roberts Park, the water park features a new 4-lane 8,000 sf pool complete with slides, diving board, splash park, zip line and other miscellaneous water toys.

Bold orange highlights the steps up to both slides, complementing the deep blue of the slides. Overhead coverings provide shade for children using the slides.

The project also included construction of a 3,025 sf masonry bathhouse building with locker rooms, toilets, and showers.

Beardstown’s previous pool was shut down in 2011 due to accessibility issues and cracks in the old and outdated facilities. The park board and the entire town were highly involved in the planning process to build a new water park for the community.

Graham & Hyde developed the master plan for the park district and assisted the district in applying for a PARC (Park and Recreational Facility Construction) grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. The park district received a grant of $2.5 million, and additional funds needed came from local fundraising.

Part of the planning also included a survey given throughout the Beardstown school district to help choose the water park’s amenities.

“It was vital to get an expert like Graham & Hyde on board early to guide us through a project of this magnitude,” said Jason Brockschmidt, Park District Director City of Beardstown. “The assistance of Graham & Hyde in the planning process for the construction of our new waterpark has been indispensable. Without their help, our project would have never gotten off the ground.”