Location: Springfield, Illinois
Area: 80,000sf / 4 floors
Project Timeline: 2003-2004

The Hoogland Center for the Arts building in downtown Springfield involved the total renovation of an existing 80,000 square foot Masonic Temple building originally constructed in 1908 which contained three theater venues and a club room ideally suited for an arts and performing organization.

The existing shell was adapted to house many different event spaces, an exhibition space, multiple tenant offices woven throughout the facility, and an area for pre-event gatherings.

The creative renovation project converted the primary theater space in to a 500-seat performing arts theater complete with orchestra pit and performance lighting. The four-story building also hosts ample dining areas, lounges, a club room, and other facilities to support the various tenants and artists.

Today, the Hoogland Center consolidates more than a dozen separate Springfield-area dance, theater, graphic arts, and sculpture organizations and draws visitors from across central Illinois.