David learned to express himself early in life through an appreciation of art, music and model building, but it was not until junior high that he was first introduced to the term architecture when his art teacher explained the concept of two point perspective.

David Leggans, AIA Principal G&H Architects, Inc.

Fast forward to high school when he was asked what he would do with his life. Although art sounded cool, the idea of becoming a “starving artist” was not as attractive. “I had limited options,” he recalls: “Keep working at the local restaurant, sign up with Uncle Sam in the U.S. military or find a way to pay for college.”

David worked his way through Junior College at Illinois Central College in the Architectural Construction Technology program and gained enough confidence to apply to four-year programs. After being accepted to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale’s Architectural Studies program and overcoming the financial obstacles, he remembers thinking, “I may actually have a shot at this architecture career gig.”

Now decades later with a vast exposure of various construction and architectural experiences under his belt, his expertise in education architecture and down-to-earth personality have cultivated into a vision of providing sound architecture and professional service that complements the Graham & Hyde legacy.

After being mobile most of his life, moving from one place to another and school to school, David eventually found a permanent home in Mason City where he raised his four children, David, Lexy, Seth and Brendon who have gifted him with four grandchildren. Today David’s interests outside of the architecture live through the same love of classic cars, motorcycles and rock music that he’s had since childhood.

Besides his family, David’s contributions to the Mason City community have been through his time as a volunteer firefighter, as an Illini Central School Board Member and a member of the Mason City Zoning Board of Appeals. Lastly, his commitment to architecture continues as an active member of the local AIA in Springfield, Peoria and Bloomington/Normal, and as both a supervisor and mentor through NCARB’s Architectural Experience Program (AXP).